Saturday, August 04, 2012

Dear,Mr Textbook

There is no real friends other than books
Nothing is more faithful in love,
as his love for books.
Life must go on as it is written in the book
Nothing can change that,
because it's not in the book

Hey, Mr. textbook
Come out, Feel the real world
Don't you just stare at the window,
Come out and Taste all the reality

Read the book more interesting than interacting with humans
But what woman is interested, the man whose life is theoretical?
Making love with the book is more romantic, than the Candle Light-Dinner with girlfriend
But which woman will fall in love with someone who didn't know love?
Because it comes from the heart, not from books

Hey, Mr. textbook
Look and Feel, how beautiful the world and love
Get out quickly, before you die,
with all the theories are buried in your brain

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