Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Hope I Can Finish It

Where you, who once stood behind me?
Where you, who once sat cross-legged in front of me,
When you're cornered, and no one can help,
then you came over me,when I wanted to run away?

I don't care, whatever the reason that you give ..
I don't care what anybody else says about you ..
Because certainly, you are giving the news to them,
But,the one that i know,
there is no any news from you for me

Go out there, if you do not want to come back here
Leave me, if you can't do something to help me
Now let me regret, although it's too late now
I hope I can finish all this,

I'm not as smart as you, who can convince me,
to stay here when I was about to leave when it
But you're wrong, I'm not as smart as you,
when they are gone now, and you're just silent ..

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